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"Sophia, Our Beloved" (music, book and lyrics by Joriah Kwamé)


is an intense musical drama that tells the story of Leigh, an orphaned and troubled teen who attempts to find a balance between honesty and her deep hunger for happiness. Leigh unexpectedly lands in the strange small town of Mosby, where she is mistaken to be a girl named Sophia Cartwright: the long lost missing daughter of a local and well known family. Influenced by extenuating circumstances and her deep desire to finally have a family, Leigh struggles to secure this false identity. "Sophia Cartwright" becomes a mask that grants Leigh a life she's only ever dreamt of, but at the cost of the ultimate lie. Her security, safety, and sanity are all compromised along the way to the fateful ending, and along the way, Leigh slowly discovers that she is not the only one in Mosby pretending to be someone she's not...

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